StrengthTape® 5 Meter Roll

STRENGTHTAPE® is the official kinesiology tape of IRONMAN® because of its long-lasting durability and effectiveness on common injuries. Class exclusive AllSport™ Adhesive helps it sticks for up to 7 days through water, sweat, and mud to support injured muscles and tissues while still allowing full range-of-motion. STRENGTHTAPE® is made of breathable cotton and Spandex. It is not made with natural rubber latex.

STRENGTHTAPE® Pre-Cut rolls include tape for up to 10 complete applications. Uncut rolls come with 5 meters of uncut tape. Each roll includes easy-to-follow instructions for the most common injuries.

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  • Apply 30 minutes
    prior to activity.
  • Clean any dirt, oils
    and lotions from area.
  • Trim excess hair
    for better adhesion.
  • Apply the right amount
    of stretch per application.
  • Avoid stretching the
    ends of the tape.
  • After applying, firmly rub the
    tape to activate the adhesive.
  • Edges & corners may
    be trimmed if they lift.
  • Do NOT rip off!
    Gently remove tape from skin.