4 Amazing Benefits of StrengthTape

4 Amazing Benefits of StrengthTape


4 Amazing Benefits of StrengthTape  

Ever since 1888 when Dr. Virgil Gibney had the brilliant idea of his “Gibney Basketweave” method of wrapping ankles, athletic tape has evolved and continued to add support for athletes and everyday folk for 130 years. Its evolution has been slow, but now at StrengthTape  we are at the cutting edge of technology that keeps you in the game, on the court, and able to perform all of the everyday tasks you want and need to keep your life on the path you desire.

Among the countless ways you can tape, wrap, and support your joints and limbs, here are 4 of the Biggest Benefits of using StrengthTape   now, and every single day you need it.

Perfect for athletes from little league to Olympic Gold Medalists

We all see the elite athletes of the NBA, NFL, ATP, and UFC covered in supportive tape during training and competition, but is that stuff for us? The short answer, YES! StrengthTape is the perfect product to keep you in the game whether you’re an avid rec league hooper, 5ks marathoner, or you just like to hit the gym to simply stay fit. Everyone of us, from 65 year old mall walkers to Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks experience nagging injuries, aches, and pains that threaten to get us out of our routine and lower overall performance. With StrengthTape, you stay ahead of the aches and in the game.

Stays on in Water… Seriously

Swimming and other water sports are some of the most demanding activities on Earth, and with that demand comes tweaks and fatigue. Most other tapes get wet, loose power, fall off and leave you weakened. StrengthTape is powered with AllSport™ adhesive, athletic kinesiology tape that is guaranteed to stay on in the pool, lake, or ocean. You don’t have to lessen your routine or stay out of the water because of lack of support. StrengthTape has your back...or knee...or shoulder...or ankle!

Mud and Muck is No Match

Mud Runs are an absolute blast. The event is something no one ever forgets, if they are able to make it to event day, surviving training and all the fatigue and injury that can creep up in the months of hard work and determination you put in to prepare yourself for a life-changing day. And when you need support on the early morning runs, or evening jogs and burpees, StrengthTape is ready to aid you in your quest for domination. Give us the muddiest of mud runs or the wettest of triathlons and we will stay on through it all. Just try us! Mud is no match for StrengthTape!

Your Doctor Loves Us

80% of our product goes to doctors and clinicians. 80%! There are a lot of different athletic tapes on the market, but those who have dedicated their lives to helping people stay healthy overwhelmingly choose us. So, when we say doctor recommended, we truly and honestly mean it.

We have products to fit every need. From Taping kits that give you step-by-step instructions for our kinesiology athletic tape, to uncut and precut versatile rolls in a variety of colors.

Click around and find the perfect tape for you and all the athletes, young and old, in your life.

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