STRENGTHTAPE® is an elastic athletic tape that provides support and stability to muscles and joints without limiting range of motion.

How does STRENGTHTAPE® Work?

  • STRENGTHTAPE® works like an external ligament to provide extra support and stability for muscles and joints while still moving with the body to allow full range-of-motion. It also helps activate muscles and improve the balance and sensory ability of the body to help stabilize joints. Several preliminary studies have also indicated that by activating and supporting certain muscle groups, kinesiology taping may increase muscle activity, muscle strength, ground reaction force, and peak muscle torque.
  • STRENGTHTAPE® works scientifically by facilitating muscle and soft tissue healing and triggering your body’s natural painkillers without interfering with range of motion. Painful, inflamed muscles lack space because of swelling and inflammation. STRENGTHTAPE® works to create space by lifting the skin microscopically. This lifting effect helps to improve both lymph flow and microcirculation, which ultimately helps to cool overheated muscles and flush fluid and waste products away from injured areas. StrengthTape also supports damaged muscles and tissues, which helps to relieve discomfort by reducing some of the pressure.

Why do I need STRENGTHTAPE®?

If you’ve been injured, staying active can mean taking potentially dangerous medication, wearing a hard brace where your motion is severely compromised, or even avoiding any type of activity or labor. STRENGTHTAPE® can allow you to stay active, relieve pain, heal faster, and stay off the meds all at the same time.

How do I apply STRENGTHTAPE®?

STRENGTHTAPE® is easy to apply. With our step-by-step instructional videos or pdf printouts, anyone can learn how to tape.

What is the difference between STRENGTHTAPE® and other brands of Kinesiology Tape?

STRENGTHTAPE® is 30% stickier and stretches 10% more than other brands of kinesiology tape.

Do different colors do different things?

No. Each roll of tape is exactly the same.

How long can I wear STRENGTHTAPE®?

  • StrengthTape will last up to 5-7 Days if applied correctly.
  • Apply at least 30 minutes prior to activity
  • Apply the right amount of strength per application.
  • Clean any dirt, oils and lotion from the area before applying.
  • Trim excess hair for better adhesion.
  • Avoid stretching the ends of the tape.
  • After applying, firmly rub the tape to activate the adhesive.
  • Edges and corners may be trimmed if they lift.


Each strip can only be applied once. However, each application will stick for up to 5-7 days. A 5m roll of STRENGTHTAPE® has enough strips for approximately 8-10 applications.

Can STRENGTHTAPE® get wet?

Absolutely. STRENGTHTAPE® is Waterproof, Sweatproof, Ironmanproof, Spartanproof, Marathonproof… you get the point.

Do I have to shave the area before applying STRENGTHTAPE®?

The tape should be applied directly to the skin. Depending on the length or thickness of hair, trimming or shaving is recommended.