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Symptoms & Causes:
Back of Knee injuries may be caused by tendonitis, a baker’s cyst or swelling behind the knee, popliteal tendonitis, hamstring tightness, hyperextension of the knee, or general overuse.

For this application you will need:

  • 2 precut strips of StrengthTape
  • A partner

Here are your simple steps to apply.

  1. While standing, stretch the area around the back of the knee as much as possible without hyperextending.
  2. Tear the “Champion” end of the tape and anchor it just below the knee to one side of the area of pain. Avoid the back of the knee and follow the tendon up the leg with 50% stretch. Anchor the end on the back of the thigh, as always, with no stretch.
  3. Mirror the 1st strip on the other side of the knee. Again, applying with 50% stretch and anchoring with no stretch.
  4. Rub the entire application with your hand or some of the backer paper to create heat so the adhesive will stick much better to the skin.

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