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Symptoms & Causes:
Shin injuries are common amongst runners or other activities played on a hard surface like basketball or tennis. Runners might get them after ramping up their workout intensity, or changing the surface they run on -- like shifting from a dirt path to asphalt. It’s common for your shins to throb and ache after your daily run or just sprinting to catch the bus.

For this application you will need:

  • 2 strips of StrengthTape

Here are your simple steps to apply:

  1. Bend the leg to a 90 degree angle, and lay the leg down, placing the knee as close to a flat surface as possible, to create easier access to the inner shin.
  2. Twist and tear the backing paper from the first strip of StrengthTape. Anchor the champion end of the tape low on the side of the foot on the outer part of the heel. Stretching the tape to 50%, apply the strip across the bottom of the foot and up the inside of the leg behind the inner ankle bone. Anchor the top of the tape with zero stretch.
  3. Twist and tear the backing paper from the second strip of tape on the champion end. Anchor the end of the tape forward of the first strip, with zero stretch. While removing the backing paper, begin to apply the tape parallel to the first strip with 50% stretch. When the second strip of tape reaches the ankle, point the toes downward while applying the remainder of the tape to the shin. Anchor the tape with zero stretch.
  4. Rub the entire application with your hand or some of the backer paper to create heat so the adhesive will stick much better to the skin.