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Symptoms & Causes:
Elbow injuries are often caused by overuse or impact and may result in minor or severe elbow aches or discomfort.

For this application you will need:

  • 2 precut strips of StrengthTape
  • A partner
  • A pair of scissors

Here are your simple steps to apply.

  1. Fold the 1st strip of StrengthTape in half and with a pair of scissors, cut rounded corners into the middle of the tape to create two shorter strips of tape.
  2. Be sure to place the arm with the pained elbow at a 90 degree angle with the forearm horizontal.
  3. Twist and tear the backing paper from one of the half strips, and evenly stretch the piece to 75% of its possible length. Place this directly over the pained area on the outside of the elbow, parallel to the humerous, or upper arm. Anchor the ends of the tape with zero stretch.
  4. Twist and tear the backing paper from the second half strip, and, at 75% stretch, apply it perpendicular to the first strip, creating an ‘X’ shape across the pained area on the outside of the elbow. Avoid touching the adhesive, and again, anchor the ends with no stretch.
  5. Twist and tear the champion end of the second full strip of tape, and with zero stretch, anchor it just above the first half-strip, on the upper arm. At a 25% stretch, apply the strip over the middle of the ‘X.’ Bend the strip with the elbow to finish on the forearm. Anchor the end with no stretch.

Rub the entire application with your hand or some of the backer paper to create heat so the adhesive will stick much better to the skin.